Looking to buy a used car?

Booking an evaluation makes it easier and safer!

Can’t find the right used car for you?
Ask for advice

Looking to buy a used car?

Booking an evaluation makes it easier and safer!

Can’t find the right used car for you?

Ask for advice

How it works?

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1. Find the right used car for you

You can choose to ask our team for help or to find it by yourself

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2. Book an evaluation on the used car

Either through the website or Facebook, we confirm your booking within 48 hours

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3. Receive the report

Within 24 hours you’ll have a detailed report written by one of our specialists

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4. Make the best decision possible

With all the information, make the best decision and a good purchase


is the average savings our clients have


of the evaluated car are not purchased


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Avoid used cars in bad conditions

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Save money on the purchase of the used car

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10-20% discount on potential repairs

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5-10€ discount on an eco-friendly dry cleaning

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Engineers, mechanical
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+50 years of combined experience
in the automotive field
Concerned with you
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Interior conditions

Exterior conditions

Electric functions

Mechanical aspects


Feedback from an experienced professional

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Get a discounts proportional to the number of evaluation you ask: more evaluation, more discount!

+ €27

Inspection certificate INSPECTION CERTIFICATE
Report with all registries of inspections the used car did over the years. The cost is 100% delivered to IMT!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Huubster sell used cars?

No, we don’t sell used cars. We help anyone purchasing a used car by offering evaluations to the used cars, however, we have privileged contact with sellers and can help you in the search and selection of the used car.

Does Huubster repair used cars?

No, however, our partner workshops do and it is included in our service a discount on those repairs. The responsibility for the repairs is 100% assigned to the workshop, not Huubster.

Where are the evaluations available?

Our evaluation is available in the Lisbon district (Oeiras, Sintra, Cascais, Amadora, Odivelas, etc.) and Setúbal (Barreiro, Caparica, Seixal, Alcochete, etc.). The one on a workshop is available in our partner workshops, within our covered area.

What kind of guarantees do I get?

Our guarantee gives you the right to, within 24 hours of the evaluation, ask for your money back in case the evaluation didn’t occur by our own fault or in case it doesn’t meet our quality standards. Any situation beyond the referred will be analyzed case-by-case.

Where do the evaluations happen?

Our on-site evaluation can happen anywhere the buying and the seller desire, such as on the street or a garage. The workshop evaluations are done in our partner workshops. To sum up, you can come meet us (on a partner workshop) or we can come meet you're (wherever you like).

How much time in advance do I need to book the evaluations?

You should book your evaluation 48 hours in advance to guarantee we can meet your request with all the resources needed.

Who are the specialists?

Our specialists are people with a degree on mechanical engineering and/or experience in automobile maintenance and repair.

What is an electronic diagnosis?

An electronic diagnosis consists of connecting the used car to a machine that can recognize errors, malfunctions and flaws the car might have, like for example diagnose the problem which leads to a light on the dashboard.

Why is the inspection certificate important?

The inspection certificate is the safest way to know if the used car has failed an inspection, if the inspections were made regularly and if there was an attempt to adulterate the number of kilometers the used car displays. The cost of 27€ is delivered to IMT for the certificate emission.

Why Huubster?

Buying and selling used cars in Portugal are trending. Many people, nowadays, look for semi-new or simply cheap used cars. Nonetheless, many of those people make bad choices and face problem within a few months from their purchase.

Buying a car – and, specifically, buying a used car – in a conscious way demands relevant knowledge of automobile mechanics.

Huubster gives you the solution by offering the possibility to be accompanied by an experienced mechanic on the purchase of your next car. With more information you’ll be able to make a more conscious decision and, of course, be more prepared to negotiate the asking price.

How much does the used car cost?

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